SiP-external MIPIRFFE device introduction %XMIPIRFFEDEV

nRF91 can be configured to control a SiP-external, MIPI RF Front-End Control Interface (RFFE)-controlled1 device to a limited extent. Antenna tuner is the primary use case.

The XMIPIRFFEDEV command introduces the device and its static parameters to nRF91. After introducing the MIPI RFFE device, the configuration for the various use cases can be given using the XMIPIRFFECTRL command (see SiP-external MIPIRFFE device control configuration %XMIPIRFFECTRL).

The XMIPIRFFEDEV command needs to be sent before any modem activity occurs. The configuration is stored to Non-volatile Memory (NVM) when the device is powered off using +CFUN=0.

The stored configuration is applied when any modem/GPS activity occurs.

1 MIPI RFFESM, MIPI RF Front-End Control Interface (RFFE)