COEX2 pin timing configuration %XCOEX2

The Nordic-proprietary %XCOEX2 command determines the timing of the enabling of the COEX2 pin. v1.3.x

By default, the COEX2 pin is enabled automatically when LTE/Global Positioning System (GPS) RF is used and disabled when RF is powered down. The default timing of the COEX2 pin has approximately 1 ms anticipation to the first sample in the antenna.

In addition to the default mode, the %XCOEX2 command has two alternative anticipation times of approximately 400 μs and 50-100 μs before the first sample in the antenna. The pin toggling can also be disabled.

The %XCOEX2 command must be sent before any modem activity occurs. Based on the given configuration, the modem toggles the COEX2 pin automatically during runtime.