COEX2 pin timing configuration %XCOEX2

The Nordic-proprietary %XCOEX2 command determines the timing of the enabling of the COEX2 pin. v1.3.x

By default, the COEX2 pin is enabled automatically when LTE/Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) RF is used and disabled when RF is powered down. The default timing of the COEX2 pin has approximately 1 ms anticipation to the first sample in the antenna.

In addition to the default mode, the %XCOEX2 command has two alternative anticipation times of approximately 400 μs and 50-100 μs before the first sample in the antenna. The pin toggling can also be disabled.

The COEX2 pin can also be set to toggle at only RF transmission or only RF reception.v1.3.x≥1

The %XCOEX2 command must be sent before any modem activity occurs. Based on the given configuration, the modem toggles the COEX2 pin automatically during runtime.