Set command

The set command configures the System in Package (SiP)-internal antenna switch to an alternative predefined position.

The %XANTCFG command supports one predefined setting. Therefore, in the GPS mode the input signal to nRF9160's ANT input is routed back out from the AUX output. The configuration can be stored to device memory using AT+CFUN=0 or AT%XFSSYNC when using PTI, or given each time at boot before the modem is activated. After a valid configuration exists, nRF9160 automatically controls the switch during Global Positioning System (GPS) reception. Adding further predefined settings requires a modification to MFW.



The set command parameter and its defined values are the following:

0 – Reserved, no action
1 – ANT input directed to AUX output in the GPS mode
2 – Reserved, no action
7 – Reserved, no action

The following command example directs ANT input to AUX output:


The following command example deletes the previous configuration: