RX testing

The command enables RF receiver with the given parameters. It also measures signal power at the System in Package (SiP) antenna port with a time domain power meter and returns the measurement result.

The command parameter and its value are the following:

0 – RX


1 – ON

RX ON has a total of four parameters:

3GPP band number. Use 24 for Global Positioning System (GPS) reception.
Frequency 100 kHz.

Valid range 6000–22000 (corresponds to 600.0 MHz–2200.0 MHz). Note that if Carrier Wave (CW) is used, an offset of about 45 kHz for NB1 and 300 kHz for M1 is recommended.

RX signal power at the SiP antenna port in dBm.

Valid range from −127 to −25.

System mode.

Valid range 0–1. NB1 (0) or M1 (1).

Response syntax when <operation> is ON:

%XRFTEST: <antenna_power>

The response value is the following:

Measured power at the SiP antenna port in q8 dBm. q8 means that dividing the result by 28 = 256 gives dBm.

The following command example enables the RF receiver for Band 1, 2140.0 MHz, −65 dBm, NB1 mode:

%XRFTEST: -17002
Note: −17002/256 = −66.4 dBm


0 – OFF

The following command example disables the RF receiver:

Note: Always send the OFF command before sending another ON command.