Set command

The set command allows the input and output control of the following modem GPIO pins: SIM_INT, SIM_RST, SIM_CLK, SIM_IO, COEX0, COEX1, and COEX2.


Control for some pins is allowed as either input or output. The following are the allowed pin control directions and bit positions in <mask> and <pin_ctrl>:
  • SIM_INT – Input
  • SIM_RST – Output
  • SIM_CLK – Output
  • SIM_IO – Input/Output
  • COEX0 – Input/Output
  • COEX1 – Output
  • COEX2 – Input/Output

The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

0 – Output
1 – Input
Bits for controlling each masked pin. If <direction> is output, 1 sets the pin high and 0 sets the pin low. If <direction> is input, 1 needs to be set for each pin whose state is read.

The following command example configures all pins as output and sets their state low:


The following command example sets all pins as input and reads the pin state of each pin: