Set command

The set command transmits data over control plane to network. The set command without data indicates the beginning and end of an exceptional event. Exceptional data is supported only in NB.

Note: All pending regular data is sent after exceptional data during the same RRC connection. All new data is sent to network until RRC connection is released.

Socket interface can be used for bidirectional traffic during an exceptional event.



The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

Context identifier of used Packet Data Network (PDN) connection.
Integer. Number of octets in user data. When there is no data to transmit, the value shall be set to zero.
String. Hexadecimal numbers containing two International Reference Alphabet (IRA) characters per octet. When there is no data to transmit, <cpdata> shall be an empty string ("").
Integer. Indicates the value of the release assistance indication (see 3GPP TS 24.301, subclause

0 – No information available. Default value.

1 – The Mobile Termination (MT) expects that exchange of data will be completed with the transmission of the ESM DATA TRANSPORT message.

2 – The MT expects the data exchange to be complete with the received ESM DATA TRANSPORT message.

0 – Regular data.

1 – Exception data. Default value.

Note: This command supports sending only exception data. Regular data type can be used only to indicate the end of an exceptional event.

The following command example sends 4 bytes of user data using an initial PDN connection:


The transmit of data can be stopped with the %XDATASTOP command.