Read command

The command returns the current status of unsolicited result code presentation <n>.

The parameter <mode> is returned always when <n> = 0 or when <n> = 1. The optional parameter <state> is returned when <n> = 2 and <access> when <n> = 3.

Response syntax:
+CSCON: <n>,<mode>[,<state>[,<access]]

The read command parameters and their defined values are the following:

0 – Unsolicited indications disabled
1 – Enabled: <mode>
2 – Enabled: <mode>[,<state>]
3 – Enabled: <mode>[,<state>[,<access>]]
0 – Idle
1 – Connected
7 – E-UTRAN connected
4 – Radio access of type E-UTRAN FDD

When reading the current signaling connection status, the following response indicates that unsolicited indications are disabled and the modem is an idle state:

+CSCON: 0,0

The following response indicates that unsoliticed indications are enabled, the modem mode is 1, E-UTRAN is connected and the radio access type is E-UTRAN FDD:

+CSCON: 3,1,7,4