Read command

The read command reads the list of defined contexts.

Response syntax:
+CGDCONT: <cid>,<PDP_type>,<APN>,<PDP_addr>,<d_comp>,<h_comp>

The read command parameters and their defined values are the following:

Integer, 0–10.
IP – Internet Protocol
IPV6 – Internet Protocol version 6
IPV4V6 – Virtual type of dual IP stack
Non-IP – Transfer of non-IP data to external packet data network (see 3GPP TS 23.401 [82])
String. Access Point Name (APN).
String. IP address.
0 – Compression not supported
0 – Compression not supported

The following command example reads configured default bearers:

+CGDCONT: 0,"IP","internet","",0,0
+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","IOT_apn","",0,0