Set command

The set command sets Release Assistance Indication (RAI) for control plane.



The set command parameter and its defined values are the following:

RAI sent to the network
0 – Undefined, default
3 – Control plane one response (see 3GPP TS 24.301, subclause
4 – Control plane no response (see 3GPP TS 24.301, subclause
  • RAI is used in control plane data. The current release supports control plane data only in Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT).
  • When <rai> is set to 3 or 4, the User Equipment (UE) includes RAI to the next control plane uplink data transmission until a new value is given. The network is not expecting more uplink data and releases the radio connection. Further uplink data transfer requires additional signaling for establishing a radio connection.
  • This method does not function properly when an application or device sends multiple packets to uplink without receiving anything in between. The %XRAI setting does not mark a specific packet as the last one, and the application does not know when a packet has actually been sent.
The command configuration is stored to Non-volatile Memory (NVM) approximately every 48 hours and when the modem is set to minimum functionality mode with the +CFUN=0 command.

Active %XPOFWARN warning blocks the storing to NVM.v1.3.x≥2

The following command example sets RAI when the application has one packet to be sent and no response from the network is expected:


This setting should be disabled only after it is clear that the data has been sent or the final receive has been done. This indication could be received, for example, from +CSCON when the device enters LTE idle state.