Set command

The set command subscribes and unsubscribes periodic Tracking Area Update (TAU) notifications.



The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

0 – Unsubscribe periodic TAU notifications
1 – Subscribe periodic TAU notifications
Advance warning time in ms.
Range 500–3600000 ms.
A notification is sent as a prewarning of periodic TAU.
0 – No prewarning
The <warning_time> parameter is required when <n> is 1.
Shortest periodic TAU time indicated to application in ms.
Range 10240–3456000000 ms.
The <threshold> parameter is required when <n> is 1.

Notification syntax:

%XT3412: <time>

The notification parameter and its defined value are the following:

Remaining timer T3412 time in ms. If the <time> parameter is 0, timer T3412 has expired. The value might exceed the 32-bit maximum value.

The following command example subscribes periodic TAU notifications. The shortest indicated period is 30 seconds, and a notification is sent 2 seconds before TAU:


The following notification example indicates T3412 duration of 20 minutes:

%XT3412: 1200000