TX testing

The command enables RF transmitter with the given parameters. It also measures TX power with an internal measurement receiver in time domain, and returns the measurement result.

The command parameter and its value are the following:

1 – TX


1 – ON

TX ON has a total of seven parameters:

3GPP band number.
Frequency [100kHz].

Valid range 6000–22000 (corresponds to 600.0 MHz–2200.0 MHz).

TX signal power at antenna [dBm].

Valid range from+23 to −50.

System mode.

Valid range 0–1. NB1 (0) or M1 (1).

0 – QPSK
1 – 16QAM
2 – Reserved
3 – BPSK
4 – CW
RB/Tone count
M1 valid range 1–6
NB1 valid range 1–12
CW modulation: N/A
RB/Tone start position
M1 valid range 0–5
NB1 valid range 0–11
CW modulation: N/A

Response syntax when <operation> is ON:

%XRFTEST: <antenna_power>

The response value is the following:

Internally measured TX power at antenna, in q4 dBm. q4 means that dividing the result by 24 = 16 gives dBm.

The example command enables the RF transmitter for Band 5, 830.0 MHz, +18 dBm, NB1, BPSK, 12 tones:

Note: 271/16 = 16.9 dBm


0 – OFF

The example command disables the RF transmitter: