RX SNR testing

In order to measure SNR correctly, the CW offset must be +330 kHz for the M1 mode and +45 kHz for NB1.

The parameters and their values are the following:

3 – RX SNR
1 – ON
Note: Automatic stop, i.e. no "OFF" needed.
3GPP band number.
Frequency 100 kHz (,i.e. 2140 MHz is expressed as 21400).
RX signal power at antenna in dBm.

Valid range from −127 to −25.

System mode.

Valid range 0–1. NB1 (0) or M1 (1).

Response syntax when <operation> is ON:

%XRFTEST: <snr>,<antenna_power>

The response parameters and their values are the following:

Result of the Serial Number (SNR) measurement in q4 dB. q4 means that dividing the result by 24 = 16 dB.
Measured power at antenna, in q8 dBm. q8 means divided dividing the result by 28 = 256 gives dBm.

The following command example enables the RX SNR measurement and RF receiver for Band 1, 2140.0 MHz, −65 dBm, NB1 mode:

%XRFTEST: 496,-17002
Note: 496/16 = 31 dB and −17002/256 = −66.4 dBm.