RF sensor testing

Supported in modem firmware v1.2.0 and later.

The command allows to read the temperature sensor next to the Power Amplifier (PA) inside the System in Package (SiP).

When the modem is active (either LTE communication or Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver), the command with <param0>=0 returns the latest PA temperature sensor value measured automatically during modem wakeup or transmission. The temperature is not measured during LTE or GPS reception, because PA is not in use. During modem inactivity, the modem measures the PA temperature value when the command is received.

The command parameters and their defined values are the following:

10 – Sensor test
1 – ON (measure)
0 – PA temperature
1 – Reserved
2 – Reserved
3 – VBAT (same as %XVBAT)
4 – Reserved

Response syntax:

%XRFTEST: <temperature>

The response is given in millidegree Celsius, with a resolution of approximately 50 millidegree Celsius.

The following command example measures the PA temperature which is approximately 20.4 Celsius:

%XRFTEST: 20355