Set command

The set command disables R&D features by closing the modem Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) connection and optionally permanently disables the use of the %XRFTEST and %XEMPR commands. The command also permanently enables the downgrade prevention feature in modem firmware. Downgrade prevention cannot be disabled once it has been enabled.

Downgrade prevention means that it is not possible to update an older firmware version to modem. Downgrade prevention applies to both Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) and cable flash.

If the <value> parameter is not set or is 0, the %XRFTEST and %XEMPR commands are permanently disabled after the %XPRODDONE command has been performed. To keep the commands usable after %XPRODDONE, use AT%XPRODDONE=1. If commands have been disabled with %XPRODDONE, they cannot be re-enabled. If %XRFTEST is not disabled when issuing %XPRODDONE, it remains permanently enabled and cannot be disabled later.

Note: The %XRFTEST test and %XEMPR TX power reduction features can be used with the PTI modem firmware even if they have been disabled with %XPRODDONE.pti_v1.1.x≥3



The set command parameter and its defined values are the following:

0 – Permanently disable %XRFTEST and %XEMPR
1 – Leave %XRFTEST and %XEMPR usable

The following command example sets the customer production to done and permanently disables the %XRFTEST command:




The following command example sets customer production to done and leaves %XRFTEST usable:

In modem firmware versions 1.0.x (x ≥ 2) and 1.1.0, downgrade prevention is enabled after first modem firmware update after issuing %XPRODDONE. In modem firmware versions 1.1.x (x ≥ 1) and 1.2.x, downgrade prevention becomes active immediately after the command is issued.