Set command

The set command writes and reads the public key.



Response syntax:

%XPMNG: <content>
+CME ERROR codes
513 – For read: Not found
520 – For write: Already exists

The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

0 – Write
2 – Read
String. Mandatory if parameter opcode is 'Write'. An empty string is not allowed. Parameter content is enclosed in double quotes. ASN.1 DER encoding in Base64 encoded with the header and footer of begin key and end key.
A secure tag for multiple public keys. Integer, 0–2147483647. Optional.

The following command example writes the public key:

AT%XPMNG=0,"-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----...-----END PUBLIC KEY-----"

The following command example reads the public key:

%XPMNG: "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----...-----END PUBLIC KEY-----"