Set command

The set command sets the extra maximum TX power reduction.

The command can be given separately to the NB1 and M1 modes. If a band is not mentioned in the command, the EMPR is zero for that band. The command cannot be used to increase transmission power. %XEMPR should be given before the activation of the modem to be effective. It can also be stored to nRF9160's memory using AT+CFUN=0 or AT%XFSSYNC when using PTI. If a valid EMPR configuration exists, the reduction is automatically applied to the applicable transmissions.




AT%XEMPR=<nb1_or_m1_mode>, 0, <pr_for_all_bands>

The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

0 – NB1
1 – M1
The number of bands to which EMPR is set. If <k> is 0, the next parameter <pr_for_all_bands> is applied to all supported 3GPP bands. The %XEMPR command supports listing the power reduction for all the supported bands of nRF9160 in one command for both NB1 and M1.
The number of the 3GPP band to which the following <prn> is applied.
EMPR for <bandn>
0 – 0 dB
1 – Maximum power reduced 0.5 dB
2 – Maximum power reduced 1.0 dB
> 2 is not allowed

The following command example reduces the maximum TX power on all bands in the NB1 mode by 1 dB:


The following command example reduces the maximum TX power on three (<k>=3) bands in the M1 mode (<nb1_or_m1_mode>=1). The maximum TX power is reduced by 1 dB on bands 5 and 8 and by 0.5 dB on band 13:


The following command example deletes the existing configuration by sending the command without any parameters: