Set command

The set command provides information on the application use case to modem. The purpose of this command is to control the power-saving parameters of the modem.

Levels 4 and 3 are meant for devices that can prioritize the time spent on finding service over power consumption. Battery-operated devices should use levels 2, 1, or 0. In the current software release, the power-saving level has an effect on Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) deactivation and network search frequencies. The command configuration is stored to Non-volatile Memory (NVM) approximately every 48 hours and when the modem is set to minimum functionality mode with the +CFUN=0 command.

Active %XPOFWARN warning blocks the storing to NVM.v1.3.x≥2

The power saving level has an effect on the shutdown of the UICC during Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) cycles. On power level 0, the modem deactivates the UICC if the eDRX period is longer than 60 s and UICC deactivation is allowed through EF-AD under USIM ADF. The modem activates the UICC and performs the necessary checks before setting up any signaling or data connections with the network. Otherwise, the UICC is not activated because of modem functionality.

On power levels 1–4, the modem deactivates the UICC if the eDRX cycles are longer than 5 minutes. The UICC is activated before any signaling or data connections are set up with the network and when waking up from eDRX. This means that the UICC is deactivated and activated at every eDRX cycle.

An application accessing data on USIM or UICC through the AT command interface might lead to UICC activation if the UICC has been shut down to save power.

Note: Consider UICC NVM wear when setting power saving levels.



The set command parameter and its defined values are the following:

0 – Ultra-low power
1 – Low power
2 – Normal
3 – Performance
4 – High performance

The modem uses specific periodic search patterns for each power level. For details, see Periodic cell search configuration %PERIODICSEARCHCONF.

The following command example sets a low power level: