Power states

nRF7002 has three power states: Shutdown, Sleep, and Active.


A fully inactive state where no state information is retained except for the contents of the One Time Programmable (OTP) memory. nRF7002 will only respond to a BUCKEN assertion (input to Power Management Unit (PMU)).

The following conditions occur during Shutdown state:


A low-power state where state information is retained and transitioning to Active state can occur rapidly. The device may be in the Sleep state during both pre-association (device idle waiting for host command) and post-association period as part of the Wi-FiĀ® Power Save mode (that is, maintain association with an Access Point but without data traffic). In this state, the device is clocked through the internal 32 kHz RC oscillator (Real-time Clock (RTC)), and can be awakened through the host interface or the internal sleep timer expiry.

The following conditions occur during Sleep state:


In the Active state, the device will be in one of the Active sub-states: Transmit, Receive, or Idle. The high frequency crystal oscillator derived clocks are active and the appropriate RF section components are enabled as required. The Idle sub-state is a short term transitory state used when Receive is not required, but Sleep cannot be exploited (for example, upon early termination of an RX packet).

The following conditions occur during Active state: