Host connection

nRF7000 is a wireless companion device that is connected to a host Microcontroller Unit (MCU) or application processor. It is connected to the host through a Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI) (6-wire) or Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) (4-wire) for data and a 3-wire or 4-wire coexistence control interface for hosts that include a Bluetooth® LE/IEEE 802.15.4 radio. In addition, two lines (HOST_IRQ and BUCKEN) are required. The user application executes on the host MCU.

The following figure shows a system with nRF7000 and a host MCU.

Figure 1. Functional block diagram with generic host MCU
Functional block diagram with nRF7002 and a generic host MCU

The following figure shows nRF7000 together with nRF9160 to achieve a combined LTE and Wi-Fi® scanning solution. nRF9160 functions as a host and common interface to the wireless system.

Figure 2. Functional block diagram with nRF host
Functional block diagram with nRF host