Connection-related features

nRF91 Series devices support other additional connection-related features that can be used to optimize current consumption.

The application can measure the duration of a connection in a data transmission with the +CSCON AT command.

The amount of energy consumed in a data transmission can vary between operators. By default, the network waits for a certain inactivity time for the device to continue data transmission after the last data has been transmitted to ensure that the connection is not released too early, as shown in the following figure.

With the %RAI AT command, a device can indicate to the network that there is no more data to be transmitted. This can help release the connection faster and minimize the duration of the RRC connected mode. Support for the Release Assistance Indication (RAI) feature is network-specific.

For more information on the +CSCON and %RAI AT commands, see nRF9160 AT Commands or nRF91x1 Cellular AT Commands.