NB-IoT mode

The following table shows recommended test cases for conducted Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) signaling mode.

Table 1. RF performance tests for conducted NB-IoT signaling mode
Mode Test item 3GPP test ID Band/Channel Temp/Voltage Signaling parameters Expected result Note
NB-IoT TX Maximum output power 6.2.2F ALL/LMH TYP/EXT 15 kHz, QPSK, 12 SC, Pmax (RMC) 21 dBm Pmax, 21 dBm±2 dB (QPSK, 12 SC)
Frequency error 6.5.1F ALL/MID TYP/TYP <±0.1 ppm Pmax
NPUSCH EVM (RMS) 6.5.2F.1 ALL/LMH TYP/EXT <6% Pmax, 3GPP limit <17.5%
Adjacent channel leakage power ratio 6.6.2F.3 >33 dB Pmax, E-UTRA ACLR±1
Spurious emissions (9kHz to 12.75GHz) ALL/MID TYP/TYP <-33 dBm/1 MHz Pmax, harmonics, spurious, noise
NB-IoT RX Reference sensitivity level 7.3.1F ALL/ALL <-112 dBm For faster measurement, channel raster Low Mid High (LMH)

Measuring receiver sensitivity for all channels is time-consuming but reveals any spurious or noise coupled to the nRF9160 antenna port.

The Reference Measurement Channel (RMC) used in the NB-IoT mode is defined by the following 3GPP TS 36.101 annexes: