Reported TX power test

Antenna presence may be evaluated with the RF TX signal using the %XRFTEST AT command with the TX ON parameters. The %XRFTEST AT command with the TX ON parameters reports back the internally measured TX power at the antenna port.

Reported TX power can be used to evaluate the antenna connection. For more information, see TX functionality test.

The reported TX power test compares the measured TX power to the set value on the AT command. The expected measured power should be equal to the set transmitted power. When the antenna connection or impedance matching is poor, the measured power differs from the set TX level. For example, the power level of +10 dBm can be used as a starting point for this test.

Note: Before deciding on the suitability of this test for a specific product, the reliability of the reported TX power test must be confirmed. This can be checked by creating typical errors in production, such as missing components or short circuits.
Note: Deviation in antenna interface impedance often causes change in the expected current consumption. It can also indicate the quality of the antenna connection.