GPS mode

A simple test to evaluate Global Positioning System (GPS) sensitivity is to measure the CN0 level in radiated mode.

The following table shows recommended test cases for radiated GPS signaling mode.

Table 1. RF performance tests for radiated GPS signaling mode
Mode Test item Test specification/ID Requirement Note
GPS RX Radiated Sensitivity CTIA Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the- Air Performance v3.8.2, Appendix R, Stand-Alone GNSS Test Methodology and Test Procedure Based on end product requirements or targets Radiated noise coupling from, for example, Integrated Circuit (IC)s or LEDs may cause desensitization to the GPS receiver that is impossible to test in other than radiated signaling mode

To achieve good GPS performance, the GPS antenna requires careful design and verification. For example, an upper hemisphere Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) type of antenna can be used to improve the antenna's performance. For more information, see nWP033 - nRF9160 Antenna and RF Interface Guidelines.