Antenna presence DC test

nRF9160 supports testing antenna presence based on the DC current flow.

Antenna presence can be tested with the Nordic-proprietary %XANTDETMAGPIO AT command. The command reads the status of the MAGPIO pin and reports the detection based on the DC grounding of the antenna feed pin. The antenna is considered detected when the pin is grounded.

Note: The hardware of the product needs to be correctly configured to enable the MAGPIO presence test. The MAGPIO line must be isolated from the RF signal with a coil, and a DC blocking capacitor must be placed towards the nRF9160 antenna input. For an example of the implementation, see nWP033 - nRF9160 Antenna and RF Interface Guidelines.

For more information on the %XANTDETMAGPIO AT command, see Antenna detection test %XANTDETMAGPIO in nRF91 AT Commands Reference Guide.