Test method

Since the TX and RX paths are common from the chip pin to the antenna, it is sufficient to only test in the TX direction.

Use the Wi-Fi Radio test sample to transmit a carrier wave or a modulated packet in each band with control over the channel, modulation type, and transmit power. The following Wi-Fi Radio test commands transmit MCS0 IEEE 802.11n packets at 16 dBm on channel 7:

wifi_radio_test init 7
wifi_radio_test tx_pkt_tput_mode 1
wifi_radio_test tx_pkt_mcs 0
wifi_radio_test tx_power 16
wifi_radio_test tx 1

Measure the received signal power on a Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) to confirm it is within an acceptable limit, taking into account test setup losses. The carrier frequency offset can also be measured to confirm the crystal oscillator trim One Time Programmable (OTP) memory programming was successful.

This TX test should be repeated in the 5 GHz band by selecting an appropriate 5 GHz channel (for example, 48) with the wifi_radio_test init 48 command.