Change log

See the following list for an overview of changes from previous versions of this document.

Version Date Change
nRF52840 Rev 2 v1.2 03.12.2019
  • Updated: No. 196. “PSEL acquires GPIOs regardless of ENABLE”
  • Added: No. 212. “Events are not generated when switching from scan mode to no-scan mode with burst enabled”
  • Added: No. 216. “Race condition occurs in XIP”
  • Added: No. 218. “Frame delay timing is too short after SLP_REQ”
  • Added: No. 228. “No interrupt is generated for SYNC event”
nRF52840 Rev 2 v1.1 12.09.2019
  • Added: No. 213. “WDT configuration is cleared when entering system OFF”
  • Added: No. 214. “Incorrect data transferred”
  • Added: No. 215. “Reading QSPI registers after XIP might halt CPU”
  • Added: No. 219. “I2C timing spec is violated at 400 kHz”
nRF52840 Rev 2 v1.0 31.01.2019
  • Added: No. 20. “Register values are invalid”
  • Added: No. 36. “Some registers are not reset when expected”
  • Added: No. 55. “RXPTRUPD and TXPTRUPD events asserted after STOP”
  • Added: No. 66. “Linearity specification not met with default settings”
  • Added: No. 78. “High current consumption when using timer STOP task only”
  • Added: No. 81. “PIN_CNF is not retained when in debug interface mode”
  • Added: No. 87. “Unexpected wake from System ON Idle when using FPU”
  • Added: No. 122. “QSPI uses current after being disabled”
  • Added: No. 136. “Bits in RESETREAS are set when they should not be”
  • Added: No. 153. “RSSI parameter adjustment”
  • Added: No. 155. “IN event may occur more than once on input edge”
  • Added: No. 166. “ISO double buffering not functional”
  • Added: No. 170. “NRF_I2S->PSEL CONNECT fields are not readable”
  • Added: No. 171. “USB might not power up”
  • Added: No. 172. “BLE long range co-channel performance ”
  • Added: No. 173. “Writes to LATCH register take several CPU cycles to take effect”
  • Added: No. 174. “SPIM3 events incorrectly connected to the PPI”
  • Added: No. 176. “Flash erase through CTRL-AP fails due to watchdog time-out”
  • Added: No. 179. “COMPARE event is generated twice from a single RTC compare match”
  • Added: No. 183. “False SEQEND[0] and SEQEND[1] events”
  • Added: No. 184. “Erase or write operations from the external debugger fail when CPU is not halted”
  • Added: No. 187. “USB cannot be enabled”
  • Added: No. 190. “Event FIELDDETECTED may be generated too early”
  • Added: No. 191. “High packet error rate in BLE Long Range mode”
  • Added: No. 193. “SPIM3 does not generate EVENTS_END and halts if suspended during last byte”
  • Added: No. 194. “STOP task does not switch off all resources”
  • Added: No. 195. “SPIM3 continues to draw current after disable”
  • Added: No. 196. “PSEL acquires GPIOs regardless of ENABLE”
  • Added: No. 198. “SPIM3 transmit data might be corrupted”
  • Added: No. 199. “USBD cannot receive tasks during DMA”
  • Added: No. 204. “Switching between TX and RX causes unwanted emissions”
  • Added: No. 208. “PPI Deactivate task does not switch off all resources”
  • Added: No. 209. “LFRC ULP mode calibration not functional”
  • Added: No. 210. “Bits in GPIO LATCH register are incorrectly set to 1”