[191] RADIO: High packet error rate in BLE Long Range mode

This anomaly applies to IC Rev. Engineering C, build codes QIAA-CA0, CKAA-CA0.

It was inherited from the previous IC revision Engineering B nRF52840.


High packet error rate.


BLE Long Range mode.


Poor communication link.


Use the following setting for the radio in BLE LR mode (set after power-on-reset and whenever NRF_RADIO->POWER has been low):

*(volatile uint32_t *) 0x40001740 = ((*((volatile uint32_t *) 0x40001740)) & 0x7FFF00FF) | 0x80000000 | (((uint32_t)(196)) << 8);
When switching from BLE LR mode to any other radio mode, use the following code to return to default settings:

*(volatile uint32_t *) 0x40001740 = ((*((volatile uint32_t *) 0x40001740)) & 0x7FFFFFFF);