[107] RADIO: Immediate address match for access addresses containing MSBs 0x00

This anomaly applies to IC Rev. Revision 1, build codes QFAA-Bx0, CIAA-Bx0, QFAB-Bx0.

It was inherited from the previous IC revision Engineering C.


Loss of connection.


1 Mbit/s and 2 Mbit/s Nordic proprietary radio mode and Bluetooth Low Energy radio mode using 4 and 5 byte addresses with certain combinations of 0 in the access address. BLE addresses are not affected.


100% packet error rate.


Either use the ESB and Gazell libraries of SDK v14.0.0 or later, or avoid using access addresses in the following pattern (where X is don't care):

BASE0    =  0x0000XXXX, PREFIX0 = 0xXXXXXX00
BASE1    =  0x0000XXXX, PREFIX0 = 0xXXXX00XX
BASE1    =  0x0000XXXX, PREFIX0 = 0xXX00XXXX
BASE1    =  0x0000XXXX, PREFIX0 = 0x00XXXXXX
BASE1    =  0x0000XXXX, PREFIX1 = 0xXXXXXX00
BASE1    =  0x0000XXXX, PREFIX1 = 0xXXXX00XX
BASE1    =  0x0000XXXX, PREFIX1 = 0xXX00XXXX
BASE1    =  0x0000XXXX, PREFIX1 = 0x00XXXXXX

BASE0    =  0x00XXXXXX, PREFIX0 = 0xXXXXXX00
BASE1    =  0x00XXXXXX, PREFIX0 = 0xXXXX00XX
BASE1    =  0x00XXXXXX, PREFIX0 = 0xXX00XXXX
BASE1    =  0x00XXXXXX, PREFIX0 = 0x00XXXXXX
BASE1    =  0x00XXXXXX, PREFIX1 = 0xXXXXXX00
BASE1    =  0x00XXXXXX, PREFIX1 = 0xXXXX00XX
BASE1    =  0x00XXXXXX, PREFIX1 = 0xXX00XXXX
BASE1    =  0x00XXXXXX, PREFIX1 = 0x00XXXXXX