SDKs and SoftDevices

This section shows the compatibility between the nRF52805 SoC revisions, the relevant SoftDevices (SD) and their corresponding SoftDevice Specifications (SDS), and Software Development Kits (SDK).

Table 1. nRF52805 SoC revisions, nRF5 SDKs, and SoftDevices
nRF52805 SoC revision nRF5 SDK BLE
S112 SD S112 SDS S113 SD S113 SDS
1 -1 7.0.1 3.1 7.0.1 1.1
7.2.0 7.2.0
1 For porting nRF5 SDK projects to nRF52805, see Developing for the nRF52805 with nRF5 SDK.