nWP027 - nRF52832 Production Programming

This document provides information on downloading software to nRF52 Series devices and is intended for developers of flash download tools. It is meant to serve as a starting point for nRF52 device support in production tools and is intended to accelerate the engineering process of supporting nRF52 devices. This document describes a robust way to program devices, and in many cases steps can be skipped if assumptions can be made, for example if the chip has never been programmed before and its flash is completely erased or if the chip is unprotected.

Important: This paper focuses on nRF52 specific details. It does not explain general concepts, such as ARM®, CoreSight™, or SWD. For information on these, see ARM Infocenter.

nWP027 - nRF52832 Production Programming

Before continuing to read this document, we recommend that you get to know solutions by our partners Elnec, Hi-Lo Systems, and SEGGER Production Programmers, who fully support programming nRF52 series devices in production.

Hi-Lo Systems
  • SEGGER Production Programmers: ISP programmers that program one device at a time. Ease the implementation into a production site by allowing the flash programming to be triggered manually or remotely.

We also recommend that you read the following documentation:

Figure 1. Programming process high-level flow

The following steps cover most corner cases. Things that this document takes into consideration when coming up with this programming flow are: