nRF5 SDK v15.2.0
Health Thermometer Application
This example requires one of the following SoftDevices: S112, S132, S140

Important: Before you run this example, make sure to program the SoftDevice.

The Health Thermometer Application is an example that implements the Health Thermometer profile using the hardware delivered in the nRF5 Development Kit.

The application includes the two services in the Health Thermometer profile:

In addition, use of the Battery Service is also demonstrated. When the application starts, a timer for generating battery measurements is started.

When indication of the Temperature Measurement characteristic is enabled, a Temperature Measurement is transmitted. This also happens when reconnecting to a previously bonded central. A Temperature Measurement is also transmitted each time Button 1 is pushed.

This application is not power optimized!
The application will stop advertising after 3 minutes and go to system-off mode. Push Button 1 to wake it up and restart advertising.


You can find the source code and the project file of the example in the following folder: <InstallFolder>\examples\ble_peripheral\ble_app_hts

Button assignments - in addition to those defined in BSP BLE Button Assignments:


Test the Health Thermometer Application with the nRF Toolbox app, which is available on both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).

You can also test the application with nRF Connect by performing the following steps:

  1. Compile and program the application. Observe that the BSP_INDICATE_ADVERTISING state is indicated.
  2. Connect to the device from nRF Connect (the device is advertising as 'Nordic_HTS'), then bond to the device. To bond, click the settings button for the device in nRF Connect, select "Pair", check "Perform Bonding", and click "Pair". Wait until the bond is established before you continue. Observe that the BSP_INDICATE_CONNECTED state is indicated.
  3. Observe that the services are shown in the connected device and that you can start receiving values for the Temperature Measurements and the Battery Service by clicking the 'Play' button. One Temerature Measurement indication is received. Also, Battery Level notifications are received every two seconds.
  4. Disconnect the device and reconnect in nRF Connect. Observe that one Temperature Measurement indication is received.
  5. Push Button 1. Observe that one Temperature Measurement indication is received each time the button is pushed.

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