nRF5 SDK v15.0.0
BLE Link Context Manager
This information applies to the following SoftDevices: S132, S140

BLE Link Context Manager can be used as a simple storage for link-related data. Each link context data is uniquely identified within the storage by its connection handle and can be retrieved from it using this handle.

For API documentation of this module, refer to BLE Link Context Manager.

This module uses the Connection state module to keep track of all active BLE connections.

This module can be used with some BLE services that require the link context to support multilink functionality for the GATT server role. The following BLE services show the usage of this module: Human Interface Device Service, Nordic UART Service, and Immediate Alert Service.

Message Sequence Charts

The following chart shows how to use this module together with a BLE service to handle events from the SoftDevice.


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