nRF5 SDK v15.0.0
BLE Peripheral
This information applies to the following SoftDevices: S132, S140

The following examples demonstrate the BLE Peripheral role:

Alert Notification Application

Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) Client Application

Beacon Transmitter Sample Application

BLE Blinky Application

Blood Pressure Application

Bond Management Application

Buttonless DFU Template Application

Current Time Application

Cycling Speed and Cadence Application

Eddystone Beacon Application

GATT Service Client Example Application

Glucose Application

Health Thermometer Application

Heart Rate Application

Heart Rate Application with FreeRTOS

HID Keyboard Application

HID Mouse Application

Immediate Alert Client Application

IPSP Acceptor Example

Multiprotocol Application

Power Profiling Application

Proximity Application

Running Speed and Cadence Application

Template Application

UART/Serial Port Emulation over BLE

Experimental: BLE Multiperipheral Application

Experimental: BLE Pairing Using NFC - Peripheral Reference Example

Experimental: Bluetooth Developer Studio Example

Experimental: Console over Bluetooth Application

Experimental: Continuous Glucose Monitoring Application

Experimental: Object Transfer Service Server Application

Experimental: Heart Rate Application with BLE Pairing Using NFC Pairing Library

Experimental: HID Keyboard Application with BLE pairing using NFC

Experimental: Link Loss Application

Experimental: Location and Navigation Application

Experimental: Queued Writes Application

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