nRF5 SDK v14.0.0
SDK common libraries


 Atomic FIFO
 FIFO implementation that allows for making atomic transactions without locking interrupts.
 Block memory allocator
 This module handles block memory allocator features.
 Block device
 This module implements unified block device API. It could used as a middle layer between filesystems and memories.
 Bootloader modules
 Modules for creating a bootloader.
 Board Support Package
 BSP module.
 Button Handler
 Buttons handling module.
 Cryptography library
 Cryptography library (nrf_crypto).
 Capacitive sensor library
 Module for using the capacitive sensor library with support for many instances of sliders, wheels, and buttons.
 Capacitive sensor low-level library
 Module for using the capacitive sensor on low-energy level.
 Elliptic Curve Cryptography interface
 Elliptic Curve Cryptography interface.
 Eddystone library
 Library for Eddystone beacons. This library is used in the Eddystone Beacon Application.
 Command Line Interface
 Module for unified command line handling.
 Logger module
 The nrf_log module interface.
 Memory Object module
 Functions for controlling memory object.
 MPU (Memory Protection Unit) driver
 Functions for controlling MPU.
 Ring buffer
 Functions for controlling ring buffer.
 Section variables
 Section variables.
 Section variables iterator
 Stack guard
 Functions for enabling stack violation control.
 Task manager (Cooperative Scheduler)
 Functions for managing tasks.
 Flash Data Storage
 Flash Data Storage (FDS).
 FIFO implementation
 FIFO implementation.
 Flash storage (fstorage)
 Flash abstraction library that provides basic read, write, and erase operations.
 GFX Library
 Module for drawing graphical objects like lines, circles, and rectangles. Provides support for different fonts.
 GPIOTE Handler
 GPIOTE handler module.
 HardFault exception
 Default HardFault exception implementation.
 Memory pool
 Memory pool implementation.
 SLIP module
 SLIP layer for supporting packet framing in HCI transport.
 HCI Transport
 HCI transport module implementation.
 Low-power PWM
 Module for generating a low-power pulse-width modulated output signal.
 Memory Manager
 Memory Manager for the nRF5 SDK.
 nRF Mutex
 Mutex used for protecting resources.
 Pulse-width modulation (PWM)
 Module for generating a pulse-width modulated output signal.
 Power management
 This module handles power management features.
 Queue module
 Functions that handle the queue instances.
 The scheduler is used for transferring execution from the interrupt context to the main context.
 SD card library
 Asynchronous Secure Digital card (SDC) and MultiMedia card (MMC) library.
 Serial port abstraction layer
 Serial module interface.
 SHA-256 hash library
 This module calculates SHA-256 (SHA-2, FIPS-180) hashes.
 Simple Timer
 Simple timer module.
 SLIP encoding and decoding
 This module encodes and decodes SLIP packages.
 SPI transaction manager
 Module for scheduling SPI transactions.
 Error code to string converter
 Module for converting error code into a printable string.
 Supervisor function
 Macros to create Supervisor functions.
 Supervisor instructions with indirect number
 Macros to create Supervisor instructions using indirect number.
 Asynchronous Supervisor function interface
 Macros to create Asynchronous Supervisor interface functions.
 Asynchronous Supervisor handler functions
 Macros to create Asynchronous Supervisor interface handler functions.
 Application Timer
 Application timer functionality.
 TWI transaction manager
 Module for scheduling TWI transactions.
 UART module
 UART module interface.
 USB Device high level library
 nRF52840 only: Module for easy support for any USB device configuration.
 Common application error handler
 Common application error handler and macros for utilizing a common error handler.
 Utility Functions and Definitions
 Various types and definitions available to all applications.
 Utility Functions and Definitions (Platform)
 Various types and definitions available to all applications when using SoftDevice.
 SDK Error codes
 SDK Common Header
 Macros for parameter checking and similar tasks.
 Mapped flags
 Module for writing and reading flags that are associated with keys.
 SoftDevice Handler
 API for initializing and disabling the SoftDevice.
 Retarget layer for stdio functions
 Adafruit PN532 NFC Shield library
 Adafruit PN532 NFC Shield library for reading and writing tags.

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