nRF5 SDK v12.1.0
Running precompiled examples

To quickly test an example without having to install the full toolchain, program a precompiled example application on your development board.

The zip version of the SDK provides precompiled HEX files for most of the supplied examples. For examples that require a SoftDevice, the SoftDevice is included in the HEX file.

Note that the SDK does not include precompiled ANT+ examples. To run ANT+ examples, you must therefore set up your toolchain. Follow the instructions in Running examples that use a SoftDevice and Running the example to program the SoftDevice and example.

Perform the following steps to program a precompiled example:

  1. Download the latest repository file (for example, from
  2. Extract the zip file to the directory that you want to use to work with the SDK.
  3. Connect the board to your computer with a USB cable. The computer will recognize it as a standard USB drive.
  4. In the SDK directory, navigate to the example that you want to test and open the hex subdirectory. For example, for the Blinky Example, navigate to examples\peripheral\blinky\hex.
  5. Select the HEX file that corresponds to your development board and copy it to the board USB drive.

To test the example, follow the testing instructions in the Examples documentation. Depending on the example that you programmed, it might be sufficient to observe the LEDs on the board. Other examples require you to connect to the board via UART, Master Control Panel, or a phone app.

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