nRF5 SDK v11.0.0
Peer Manager

The BLE Peer Manager can be used by applications to manage BLE security (encryption, pairing, and bonding). It uses flash storage to persistently store bonding information and GATT data for each peer device that it is bonded with. The Peer Manager handles the different BLE security procedures as required by the Bluetooth Specification, which makes it easy to create compliant applications.

The Peer Manager replaces the existing BLE Device Manager. The main functionality is the same, but the following major improvements make it profitable to switch to the Peer Manager:

See Architecture for an overview of the different modules that make up the Peer Manager. Functionality explains the API functions that are available, and Usage presents code examples and shows how to use the Peer Manager in an application. Migrating to Peer Manager points you to detailed instructions for updating your application that uses the Device Manager to use the Peer Manager.

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