Ordering information

This chapter contains information on IC marking, ordering codes, and container sizes.

IC marking

The nRF52832 IC package is marked like described below.

Figure 1. Package marking

Box labels

Here are the box labels used for the nRF52832.

Figure 2. Inner box label
Inner box label

Figure 3. Outer box label
Outer box label

Order code

Here are the nRF52832 order codes and definitions.

Figure 4. Order code

Table 1. Abbreviations
Abbreviation Definition and implemented codes
N52/nRF52 nRF52 Series product
832 Part code
<PP> Package variant code
<VV> Function variant code
<H><P><F> Build code

H - Hardware version code

P - Production configuration code (production site, etc.)

F - Firmware version code (only visible on shipping container label)

<YY><WW><LL> Tracking code

YY - Year code

WW - Assembly week number

LL - Wafer lot code

<CC> Container code

Code ranges and values

Defined here are the nRF52832 code ranges and values.

Table 2. Package variant codes
<PP> Package Size (mm) Pin/Ball count Pitch (mm)
QF QFN 6 x 6 48 0.4
CI WLCSP 3.0 x 3.2 50 0.4
Table 3. Function variant codes
<VV> Flash (kB) RAM (kB)
AA 512 64
AB 256 32
Table 4. Hardware version codes
<H> Description
[A . . Z] Hardware version/revision identifier (incremental)
Table 5. Production configuration codes
<P> Description
[0 . . 9] Production device identifier (incremental)
[A . . Z] Engineering device identifier (incremental)
Table 6. Production version codes
<F> Description
[A . . N, P . . Z] Version of preprogrammed firmware
[0] Delivered without preprogrammed firmware
Table 7. Year codes
<YY> Description
[15 . . 99] Production year: 2015 to 2099
Table 8. Week codes
<WW> Description
[1 . . 52] Week of production
Table 9. Lot codes
<LL> Description
[AA . . ZZ] Wafer production lot identifier
Table 10. Container codes
<CC> Description
R7 7" Reel
R 13" Reel
T Tray

Product options

Defined here are the nRF52832 product options.

Table 11. nRF52832 order codes
Order code Minimum ordering quantity (MOQ) Comment
nRF52832-QFAA-R7 1000 Availability to be announced.
nRF52832-QFAA-R 3000
nRF52832-QFAA-T 490
nRF52832-CIAA-R7 1500
nRF52832-CIAA-R 7000
nRF52832-QFAB-R 3000
nRF52832-QFAB-R7 1000
nRF52832-QFAB-T 490
Table 12. Development tools order code
Order code Description
nRF52-DK nRF52 Development Kit

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