nRF5 SDK for Mesh v5.0.0
DFU example

You can test this example on the following devices: nRF52840, nRF52833, and nRF52832.
This example is not compatible with the nRF52810, nRF52820, and nRF52840 dongle devices.

This Device Firmware Update (DFU) example illustrates how to create an application that can be updated over Bluetooth mesh using background mode DFU. In this mode, the new firmware is transferred in the background while the application is running and the DFU reports to the application when the transfer is done. The application can then flash the new firmware when ready.

More information about the DFU can be found in the Proprietary mesh DFU protocol section.

Hardware requirements

You need one compatible development kit for this DFU example.

See Compatibility for information about the compatible development kits.

Software requirements

This DFU application requires a bootloader and a valid device page to function correctly.


You can find the source code of the DFU example in the following folder: <InstallFolder>/examples/dfu

Precompiled bootloaders are included in the bin directory at the project root directory and the device page must be generated with the script located in tools/dfu. See also DFU Utilities and Tools.

Testing the example

See Configuring and performing DFU over Mesh for detailed instructions on how to perform a DFU operation using this example application.

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