nWP024 - Embossed tape and reel packaging

This document outlines dimensions for the tape and reel packaging of components.

nWP024 - Embossed Tape and Reel Packaging

This document is applicable for:

The tape and reel configurations of these products meet the current industry standards described in EIA-481: 8 mm through 200 mm Embossed Carrier Taping and 8 mm through 200 mm Punched Carrier Taping of Surface Mount Components for Automatic Handling.

Embossed tape and reel is used for transporting and storing electronic components. The packing is designed to feed components into automatic pick-and-place machines for surface mounting on PCBs. The complete configuration consists of a carrier tape with pockets holding the individual components that are sealed by a cover tape.

A typical loaded reel is shown in Reel marking . Typical tape components are illustrated in Tape components. The loaded reel is shipped with an HIC (Humidity Indicator Card) and a bag of desiccant gel according to the JEDEC standard JSTD-033.