A SoftDevice is a wireless protocol stack library for building System on Chip (SoC) solutions.

SoftDevices are precompiled into a binary image and functionally verified according to the wireless protocol specification, so that all you have to think about is creating the application. The unique hardware and software framework provide run-time memory protection, thread safety, and deterministic real-time behavior. The Application Programming Interface (API) is declared in header files for the C programming language. These characteristics make the interface similar to a hardware driver abstraction where device services are provided to the application, in this case, a complete wireless protocol.

Supported production versions of the SoftDevice will remain available after updates, so products do not need requalification on release of updates if the previous version is sufficiently feature complete for your product.

All ANT-related SoftDevices for the nRF52 series are now obtained from Dynastream. This applies to both ANT only and ANT/Bluetooth® Smart combo SoftDevices.