Scanner timing

This section describes scanner timing with different connections.

Figure 1 shows that when scanning for advertisers with no active connections, the scan interval and window can be any value within the Bluetooth® Core Specification.

Figure 1. Scanner timing - no active connections

Scanner timing-event is always placed after the central link timing-events. Figure 2 shows that when there is one or more active connections, the scanner or observer role timing-event will be placed after the link timing-events. With scanInterval equal to the connectionInterval and a scanWindow ≤ (connectionInterval - (∑tevent+ tScanReserved)), scanning will proceed without overlapping with central link timing-events.

Figure 2. Scanner timing - one or more connection as a Central

Figure 3 shows a scenario where free time is available between link timing-events, but still the scanner timing-event is placed after all connections.

Figure 3. Scanner timing - always after connections

Figure 4 shows a Scanner with a long scanWindow which will cause some connection timing-events to be dropped.

Figure 4. Scanner timing - one connection, long window