Radio Timeslot events

Events come from the SoftDevice scheduler and are used for Radio Timeslot session management.

Events are received in the application event handler callback function, which will typically be run in an application interrupt. For more information, see Events - SoftDevice to application. The events are defined in the following table.

Table 1. Radio Timeslot events
Event Description
NRF_EVT_RADIO_SESSION_IDLE Session status: The current timeslot session has no remaining scheduled timeslots.
NRF_EVT_RADIO_SESSION_CLOSED Session status: The timeslot session is closed and all acquired resources are released.
NRF_EVT_RADIO_BLOCKED Timeslot status: The last requested timeslot could not be scheduled, due to a collision with already scheduled activity or for other reasons.
NRF_EVT_RADIO_CANCELED Timeslot status: The scheduled timeslot was canceled due to overlapping activity of higher priority.
NRF_EVT_RADIO_SIGNAL_ CALLBACK_INVALID_RETURN Signal handler: The last signal handler return value contained invalid parameters and the timeslot was ended.