Interrupt latency when using multiple modules and roles

Concurrent use of the Flash API, Radio Timeslot API and/or one or more Bluetooth low energy roles can affect interrupt latency.

The same interrupt priority levels are used by all Flash API, Radio Timeslot API and Bluetooth low energy roles. When using more than one of these concurrently, their respective events can be scheduled back-to-back (see Scheduling for more on scheduling). In those cases, the last interrupt in the activity by one module/role can be directly followed by the first interrupt of the next activity. Therefore, to find the real worst-case interrupt latency in these cases, the application developer must add the latency of the first and last interrupt for all combinations of roles that are used.

Example: If the application uses the Radio Timeslot API while having a Bluetooth low energy advertiser running, the worst-case interrupt latency or interruption for an application interrupt is the largest of for the SoftDevice interrupts with higher priority level (lower numerical value) as the application interrupt.