S132 SoftDevice v5.0.0-1.alpha
Data Fields
ble_common_enable_params_t Struct Reference

BLE Common Initialization parameters. More...

#include <ble.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t vs_uuid_count

Detailed Description

BLE Common Initialization parameters.

If p_conn_bw_counts is NULL the SoftDevice will assume default bandwidth configuration for all connections. To fit a custom bandwidth configuration requirement, the application developer may have to specify a custom memory pool configuration here. See ble_common_opt_conn_bw_t for bandwidth configuration of individual connections. Please refer to the SoftDevice Specification for more information on bandwidth configuration.

Field Documentation

ble_conn_bw_counts_t* ble_common_enable_params_t::p_conn_bw_counts

Bandwidth configuration parameters or NULL for defaults.

uint16_t ble_common_enable_params_t::vs_uuid_count

Maximum number of 128-bit, Vendor Specific UUID bases to allocate.

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