Fixed anomalies

The anomalies listed in this table are no longer present in the current chip version.

For a detailed description of the fixed anomalies, see the Errata for revision Engineering A nRF52840.

Table 1. Fixed anomalies
ID Module Description
15 POWER RAM[x].POWERSET/CLR read as zero
54 I2S Wrong LRCK polarity in Aligned mode
58 SPIM An additional byte is clocked out when RXD.MAXCNT = 1
68 CLOCK EVENTS_HFCLKSTARTED can be generated before HFCLK is stable
83 TWIS STOPPED event occurs twice if the STOP task is triggered during a transaction
89 GPIOTE Static 400 µA current while using GPIOTE
96 I2S DMA buffers can only be located in the first 64 kB of data RAM
97 GPIOTE High current consumption in System ON Idle mode
98 NFCT Not able to communicate with the peer
103 CCM Reset value of CCM.MAXPACKETSIZE causes encryption, decryption, and MIC failures
104 USBD EPDATA event is not always generated
110 RADIO Packet loss or degraded sensitivity
111 RAM Retention in OFF mode is not controlled by RAM[n].POWER->SxRETENTION, but by RAM[n].POWER->SxPOWER
112 RADIO False SFD field matches in IEEE 802.15.4 mode RX
113 COMP Single-ended mode with external reference is not functional
115 RAM RAM content cannot be trusted upon waking up from System ON Idle or System OFF mode
116 NFCT HFCLK not stopped when entering into SENSE_FIELD state
117 System Reading address 0x40029618 blocks the device
118 QSPI Reading halfwords or bytes from the XIP region is not supported
119 POWER Wake up from System OFF on V<sub>BUS</sub> detect is not functional
121 QSPI Second read and long read commands fail
127 UARTE Two stop bit setting is not functional
128 PDM RATIO register is not functional
131 UARTE EasyDMA transfer size is limited to 255 bytes
133 CLOCK,RADIO NRF_RADIO->EVENTS_BCMATCH event might trigger twice
134 USBD ISOINCONFIG register is not functional
135 USBD SIZE.ISOOUT register does not report empty incoming packets
140 POWER REG0 External circuitry supply in LDO mode is not functional in System ON IDLE
142 RADIO Sensitivity not according to specification
143 RADIO False CRC failures on specific addresses
144 NFCT Not optimal NFC performance
145 SPIM SPIM3 not functional
147 CLOCK LFRC ULP mode not calibrated in production
150 SAADC EVENT_STARTED does not fire
151 NVMC Access to protected memory through Cache
154 USBD USBD acknowledges setup stage without STATUS task
156 GPIOTE Some CLR tasks give unintentional behavior
158 RADIO High power consumption in DISABLED state
160 SAADC VDDHDIV5 not functional
162 USBD Writing to registers with offset address 0x52C causes USB to halt
164 RADIO Low selectivity in long range mode
180 USBD Wrong PLL calibration in production
181 NFCT Invalid value in FICR for double-size NFCID1
200 USBD Cannot write to SIZE.EPOUT register