Change log

See the following list for an overview of changes from previous versions of this document.

Table 1. Change log
Version Date Change
nRF52840 Engineering A v1.0 06.12.2016
  • Added: No. 15. “RAM[x].POWERSET/CLR read as zero”
  • Added: No. 20. “Register values are invalid”
  • Added: No. 36. “Some registers are not reset when expected”
  • Added: No. 51. “Aligned stereo slave mode does not work”
  • Added: No. 54. “Wrong LRCK polarity in Aligned mode”
  • Added: No. 55. “RXPTRUPD and TXPTRUPD events asserted after STOP”
  • Added: No. 58. “An additional byte is clocked out when RXD.MAXCNT = 1”
  • Added: No. 66. “Linearity specification not met with default settings”
  • Added: No. 68. “EVENTS_HFCLKSTARTED can be generated before HFCLK is stable”
  • Added: No. 81. “PIN_CNF is not retained when in debug interface mode”
  • Added: No. 83. “STOPPED event occurs twice if the STOP task is triggered during a transaction”
  • Added: No. 87. “Unexpected wake from System ON Idle when using FPU”
  • Added: No. 89. “Static 400 µA current while using GPIOTE”
  • Added: No. 94. “BUSSTATE register is not functional”
  • Added: No. 96. “DMA buffers can only be located in the first 64 kB of data RAM”
  • Added: No. 98. “Not able to communicate with the peer”
  • Added: No. 101. “Sleep current increases after soft reset”
  • Added: No. 103. “Reset value of CCM.MAXPACKETSIZE causes encryption, decryption, and MIC failures”
  • Added: No. 104. “EPDATA event is not always generated”
  • Added: No. 110. “Packet loss or degraded sensitivity”
  • Added: No. 111. “Retention in OFF mode is not controlled by RAM[n].POWER->SxRETENTION, but by RAM[n].POWER->SxPOWER ”
  • Added: No. 112. “False SFD field matches in IEEE 802.15.4 mode RX”
  • Added: No. 113. “Single-ended mode with external reference is not functional”
  • Added: No. 115. “RAM content cannot be trusted upon waking up from System ON Idle or System OFF mode”
  • Added: No. 116. “HFCLK not stopped when entering into SENSE_FIELD state”
  • Added: No. 117. “Reading address 0x40029618 blocks the device”
  • Added: No. 118. “Reading halfwords or bytes from the XIP region is not supported”
  • Added: No. 119. “Wake up from System OFF on VBUS detect is not functional”
  • Added: No. 121. “Second read and long read commands fail”
  • Added: No. 122. “QSPI uses current after being disabled”
  • Added: No. 127. “Two stop bit setting is not functional”
  • Added: No. 128. “RATIO register is not functional”
  • Added: No. 129. “Reading EPSTALL register causes undefined behavior”
  • Added: No. 130. “Writing to certain read-only registers causes undefined behavior”
  • Added: No. 131. “EasyDMA transfer size is limited to 255 bytes”
  • Added: No. 133. “NRF_RADIO->EVENTS_BCMATCH event might trigger twice”
  • Added: No. 134. “ISOINCONFIG register is not functional”
  • Added: No. 135. “SIZE.ISOOUT register does not report empty incoming packets”
  • Added: No. 136. “Bits in RESETREAS are set when they should not be”
  • Added: No. 140. “REG0 External circuitry supply in LDO mode is not functional in System ON IDLE ”
  • Added: No. 142. “Sensitivity not according to specification”

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