[115] RAM: RAM content cannot be trusted upon waking up from System ON Idle or System OFF mode

This anomaly applies to IC Rev. Engineering A, build codes QIAA-AA0.


RAM not correctly retained.


System ON Idle mode or System OFF is used with parts or all RAM retained.


RAM not correctly retained.


Apply the following code after any reset:

*(volatile uint32_t *)0x40000EE4 = ( (*(volatile uint32_t *)0x40000EE4 & 0x00000070) | // Keep bit 6:4
                                    (*(uint32_t *)0x10000258 & 0x0000000F) ); // Replace bit 3:0
This workaround has already been added into system_nrf52840.c file present in MDK 8.11.0 or later. This workaround increases the I_RAM current per 4 KB section from 20 nA to 30 nA.