[182] RADIO: Fixes for anomalies #102, #106, and #107 do not take effect

This anomaly applies to IC Rev. Rev 2, build codes QFAA-E00, CIAA-E00, QFAB-E00.


Symptoms as described in anomalies #102, #106, and #107 for nRF52832 Rev. 1 are still visible, even though these anomalies are fixed.


You want the fix for anomalies #102, #106, and #107 to take effect.


Improvements as described in Informational Notice #105.


After powering the radio, i.e. after every operation that sets register (0xFFC) POWER=enable, set bit 10 of the RADIO register 0x73C to enable the fix.

*(volatile uint32_t *) 0x4000173C |= (1 << 10)