New and inherited anomalies

The following anomalies are present in revision Engineering A of the nRF52832 chip.

Table 1. New and inherited anomalies
ID Module Description New in Engineering A
1 I2S I2S not functional X
2 PWM PWM not functional X
3 PDM PDM not functional X
4 MWU MWU not functional X
7 NVMC,System Cache is not functional X
8 SAADC Increased current consumption in system ON-IDLE X
9 QDEC Some features are not functional X
10 RTC RTC2 is not functional X
11 System Device is unable to stay in System OFF mode X
12 COMP Reference ladder is not correctly calibrated X
15 POWER RAM[x].POWERSET/CLR read as zero X
16 System RAM may be corrupt on wakeup from CPU IDLE X
17 NFCT The EVENTS_FIELDLOST is not generated X
20 RTC Register values are invalid X
23 SPIM END event is generated before ENDTX X
24 NFCT The FIELDPRESENT register read is not reliable X
25 NFCT Reset value of SENSRES register is incorrect X
26 NFCT NFC field does not wakeup the device from emulated system OFF X
27 NFCT Triggering NFCT ACTIVATE task also activates the Rx easyDMA X
28 SAADC Scan mode is not functional for some analog inputs X
29 TWIS Incorrect bits in ERRORSRC X
30 TWIS STOP Task is not functional X
31 CLOCK Calibration values are not correctly loaded from FICR at reset X
32 DIF Debug session automatically enables TracePort pins X
33 System Code RAM is located at wrong address X
34 System Code and Data RAM are not mapped from the same physical RAM X
35 CLOCK HFCLK can draw current when not requested X
36 CLOCK Some registers are not reset when expected X
37 RADIO Encryption engine is slow by default. X
38 PPI Enable/disable tasks for channel group 4 and 5 cannot be triggered through PPI X
39 NFCT The automatic collision resolution does not handle CRC and parity errors X
40 NFCT The FRAMEDELAYMODE = WindowGrid is not supported X
41 GPIO PIN_CNF[x] registers not reset after pin reset X
42 PPI FORK on the fixed channels is not functional X
43 SPIS SPIS0 is not functional X
44 NVMC Read after flash erase is unpredictable X
46 SPIM,TWIM EasyDMA list not functional X
47 DIF Trace is not functional X
48 DIF SWO only works if Trace is enabled. X
49 RTC RTC is not functional after LFCLK is restarted X
57 NFCT NFC Modulation amplitude X
58 SPIM An additional byte is clocked out when RXD.MAXCNT = 1 X
63 POWER DC/DC does not automatically switch off in System ON IDLE X
64 NFCT Only full bytes can be received or transmitted, but supports 4-bit frame transmit X
65 POWER RAM[] registers mapping of RAM block and sections is wrong X
67 NFCT,PPI Some events cannot be used with the PPI X
68 CLOCK EVENTS_HFCLKSTARTED can be generated before HFCLK is stable X
70 COMP Not able to wake CPU from System ON IDLE X
71 CLOCK RCOSC calibration X
72 NFCT,PPI TASKS_ACTIVATE cannot be used with the PPI X
73 TIMER Event lost X
74 SAADC Started events fires prematurely X
77 CLOCK RC oscillator is not calibrated when first started X
78 TIMER High current consumption when using timer STOP task only X
84 COMP ISOURCE not functional X
86 SAADC Triggering START task after offset calibration may write a sample to RAM X
87 CPU Unexpected wake from System ON Idle when using FPU X
88 WDT Increased current consumption when configured to pause in System ON idle X
97 GPIOTE High current consumption in System ON Idle mode X

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