nRF52 DK v1.1.x

Debug output

The nRF52 Development Kit board supports programming and debugging nRF51 and nRF52 devices mounted on external boards. To debug an external board with SEGGER J-Link OB IF, connect to the Debug out connector (P19) with a 10 pin cable.

Figure 1. Debug output connector
When the external board is powered, the interface MCU will detect the supply voltage of the board and program/debug the target chip on the external board instead of the on-board nRF52832.
Important: The voltage supported by external debugging/programming is 3.0 V.
You can also use P20 as a debug out connection to program shield mounted targets. For the Debug out header (P19), the Interface MCU will detect the supply voltage on the mounted shield and program/debug the shield target.

If the Interface MCU detects target power on both P19 and P20, it will by default program/debug the target connected to P19.